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August Bingo
September Bingo

These buttons will take you to the Sign Up Genius schedules for each month.

Positions open to all: Cashier, Floor Sales and Tabulation. Treasurer requires training (minimum of 3 sessions).


Vaca Valley Bingo is located at 190 Bella Vista Road, Vacaville in the same parking lot as Buckingham Charter School.

Close-toed shoes are required for all, RHSEU/Rod Spirit Wear is preferred, and NO tank tops please. Anyone 18 years or older can volunteer on behalf of a student or RHSEU in general.

RHSEU is required to fill all positions during Late Night session.

Early session slots open up on a few days notice. Notifications go out through Symphonic Band Remind messages. Click here to sign up for Remind 101.

For more information, please contact the RHSEU Bingo Coordinator at 707-430-1794


Select a document below for more information.

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How Bingo Works For RHSEU and You!!


The Rodriguez Entertainment (Band, Color Guard, Choir) rely on fundraising organized by the Music Boosters. The Bingo program, coordinated by The Scarlet Brigade of Fairfield High, is one of our main fundraising sources. Funds are used for instructors, equipment, music, entry fees for band reviews and festivals, uniforms, and many other expenses.

Did you know that the RHSEU received approximately $17,000 in the last quarter from Bingo alone? We only receive that money if we do our part by filling all positions during the Late Night session (generally 9:45pm to 1:30am) every Saturday all year round.

Volunteers receive 13-15 credits per hour volunteered toward your student’s Fair Share. There is no limit to how many volunteers you can have for one student in one night. A volunteer can be anyone over 18 years old. As a volunteer, you can even donate credit to another member or towards RHSEU for uniforms or equipment.


We are always looking for new faces to join us at Bingo! You can sign-up through the buttons on this page. Remember your sign up is a commitment, and credit is only given if a full shift is worked. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please contact the RHSEU Bingo Coordinator, Laurie Laxa immediately via call or text at (707) 430-1794.


If Fair Share wasn’t enough incentive to get you to volunteer, you will receive a FREE RHSEU T-Shirt when you volunteer 4 times for Bingo! If you are an RHSEU alum, you can receive a $10 gift card to Dutch Bros!


Still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact our REU Bingo Coordinator, Laurie Laxa at (707) 430-1794 or via email at

Our Wonderful RHSEU Bingo Volunteers



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