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Uniform Care Guide

Marching Uniform:  Bibbers, Jacket, Sash, Shako (hat), & Garment Bag. (Shoes and Black Socks – you own) This uniform is the property of the REU.  You have been given the responsibility of taking care of the uniform.  It is expensive (over $500) to replace.


  • Color Guard Uniform:  CropTop, Silver Top, Orange Top, Pants & Garment Bag (Shoes and black socks – you own). Estimated cost to replace is $250.


  • Care:  Marching uniforms are too heavy to be placed on a wire hanger or on a regular plastic hanger.  A plastic or wooden suit hanger works well.


  • Before each competition:  INSPECT YOUR UNIFORM! If wrinkled use an iron (set to polyester/wool or lower and iron on the wrong side of fabric) or use a steamer to carefully remove the wrinkles.

    • Mud from the field may be removed very gently with a barely damp wash cloth.

    • If there are any rips, tears, stains, hems falling out or other damage to the uniform or bag please contact Nadia Olsen immediately.

  • At Competitions:

    • Get dressed carefully so you don’t pull out the hems in your pants.

    • Do not place your uniform on the ground.

    • If it is necessary to eat while in uniform, eat with your jacket off or at least throw the white sash over your shoulder.


    • No roughhousing in the uniforms.

    • Gauntlets and Plumes are handed out prior to performances and returned immediately after the performances.


  • At Home:  It is very important to hang your uniform properly after every use.  You were shown how to do this when you were issued the uniform.


  • Shako Care:  Clean the inside of the shako with antibacterial wipes if necessary and let it dry.  Whenever possible leave the shako box open to air out after wearing.


  • Should your uniform get wet, remove it from the bag when you get home and allow the uniform and bag to dry out completely before putting the uniform back into the garment bag.


  • Cleaning:

    Marching Band: Try not to soil the uniform.  If during the season your uniform becomes soiled, it is your responsibility to have it dry cleaned.  DO NOT PUT IN THE WASHER OR THE DRYER.

    Note:  You do not need to dry clean when turning the uniform in at the end of the season.  All uniforms are taken to the dry cleaner.

    Color Guard: Uniform may be machine washed, turn asymmetrical silver top inside-out to wash.


  • DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE EVER!  Not for hems, holes or to label shako (hat) boxes or uniform bags.  We use painter’s tape that removes easily on the boxes.


  • If you have any questions, concerns or issues with the uniforms, contact Nadia Olsen @

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