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Colorguard is not merely an accessory to a performance; it's a mesmerizing art form that bridges the gap between music and visual storytelling. Each spin, toss, and catch is a testament to countless hours of rigorous training, immense dedication, and an unwavering passion for the craft. The members seamlessly weave a tapestry of emotions, telling stories with their flags, sabers, and rifles, often adding layers of depth and meaning to the musical backdrop. Their synchronicity with the music, the precision in their movements, and the artistry in their expressions serve as visual embodiments of melodies and rhythms. As they dance and perform, the colorguard transforms an auditory experience into a full-bodied spectacle, making audiences not just hear, but feel every note and beat.

Student Leaders

Dana Nolasco

Ysela Medina


Gabriel Perez

Nicolaus Lucero

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