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Volunteer Positions

The RHSEU can only thrive with the contributions of its volunteers. Here you will find a list of volunteer positions that need your personal time, ability and experience to help the program succeed.

For more information on how you can contribute, please contact or email the Volunteer Coordinator.

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Winter Review - Admissions/Ticketing

Chairperson will be responsible for the Ticketing Booth during the Winter Review Event.

  • This includes ensuring proper signage is visible and admission prices are advertised on our event site.

  • Ensure we have proper amount of wristbands to indicate entry into the event. You will work closely with our Treasurer to ensure we have monetary change at all times and “cashing out” as needed.
  • Oversee student volunteers selling “Shout Outs” to spectators. Work with Event Coordinator to get shout out sheets/clipboards

  • Oversee parent volunteers throughout the day.

Please direct your questions to our event director at

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Winter Review - Tabulation

REU has been fortunate enough to have parent volunteers capable to serve as Tabulators(vs. being charged to have NCBA send their own tabulators).


**Our system is used by NCBA as the tool for tabulating scores at all the competitions **


  • Utilizing the pre-set excel program, you will input Judges’ scores for each school group and individual Drum Majors.

  • Also responsible for uploading Judges’ comments from the recorders.

  • You will be part of a team of 2-3 people.

  • Must be proficient in Excel and attention to detail

  • Be willing and able to volunteer the whole day.

Please direct your questions to our event director at

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