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Fall Fair Share

The Fairfield Unified School District funds only a small part of our school band program. To meet our annual operating expenses, each band family must contribute an equal amount or a "Fair Share" of the expenses that are not covered by the school district budget or fundraising alone.  We make every effort to keep our Fair Share fees as affordable as possible through fundraising, seeking donations from business partners, and by relying on parent and student volunteers to help with the work of running this band program. The best way for parents to assist in keeping the Fair Share fees low for all students is to pay their Fair Share in a timely manner and to be involved with fundraising and volunteering.

Many of the fundraisers that we do directly affect your Fair Share because, without participation, every family would have to pay more out-of-pocket. Without fundraising, Fair Share assessments would be significantly higher. We use the term and concept of Fair Share because payments and credits are used collectively for the operating expenses of the entire band, rather than for the benefit of the individual student.  All Fair Share payments and fundraising credits go into the general operating account and may be used for such expenses as:

  • Competition/Entry Fees

  • Transportation

  • Uniform Care and Dry Cleaning

  • Instruments and Repairs

  • Instructors

  • Music Licensing and Drill Design

  • Choreography

  • Meals

  • Equipment and Supplies

  • General Expenses


The 2023 Fall Season estimated Fair Share amount is $695.00 per student.

Check Payments

Make checks payable to "Rodriguez Music Boosters"

Checks can be delivered to the Booster Mailbox located in the Band Room

Download the Payment Form Here!

Full Amount Online Payments

Credit and Debit cards will be accepted (Fee of 3.0% will be added to amount for processing fee offset)

Partial Online Payments

Credit and Debit cards will be accepted (Fee of 3.0% will be deducted from your credited statement amount due to a processing fee offset)

Through specific fundraising and volunteer activities, credits for the entire Fair Share amount can be eliminated!

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