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Fundraiser - The Napa Deli

When:  Saturday, June 1st
Time:  9am - 2pm
Where:  The Napa Deli
Address:  5121 Business Center Drive

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Fundraiser - Dine and Donate - The Napa

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Hungry for Great Food?  Dine and Donate with us!

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Come and support the REU at Napa Deli. 20% of all proceeds will benefit the Rodriguez High School Entertainment Unit. There will be an amazing breakfast, a delicious brunch, and a mouthwatering lunch being served. Bring your family and friends by for a meal while supporting the amazing kids of the REU. Thank you for your support.

Rodriguez High School Dine & Donate

Saturday Brunch


The Southern Brunch Burger
Cajun seasoned burger patty topped with a fried green tomato, over medium fried egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, caramelized onions and bourbon bbq sauce


Eggs Benedict

Choice of Ham, Turkey or Smoked Salmon topped with Poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and mixed greens on the side.


Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Short stack of our signature pancakes, butter pecan maple syrup and bacon on the side


Avocado Toast
 Two slices of multigrain topped with sliced avocado, fresh tomato, cotija cheese crumbles and two over medium eggs. Served with bacon


Farmers Market Veggie Omelet
Three egg omelet made with today’s fresh roasted veggies, mozzarella cheese and served with fruit & toast



Please download and/or print the flyers to the as they are required to be shown to the cashier in order for RHSEU to receive credit for your purchase during the event.

Keep a copy of the flyer on your phone!!!

Simply select the image of the flyer and save the displayed Picture to your Photos on your phone and present that photo at checkout!  Sharing the picture with each other will also help us earn more.  Better yet, share the information on Social Media to really get the word out.

Help spread the word...old school!!!

Alternatively, you can download, print and hand out the flyers using the PDF versions of the flyer.  Simply select the PDF Icon to download and you are ready to go!

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