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Drum Major - "L" Pattern

2018-19 "L" Pattern Info
Here is everything you need to know regarding "L" Pattern this season for the RHSEU!

Information Here

NCBA - Rules and Regs
NCBA - Adjudication Info
NCBA - Solo Drum Major Rules and Regulations (Updated Summer 2018)
Information Here
NCBA - Drum Major "L" Pattern Adjudication Sheet (Updated Summer 2014)
Information Here
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"An L Pattern is a sequence of routines that demonstrate artistic and technical skills that allow Drum Majors to showcase their abilities in their respective disciplines. Drum Majors may participate using music that is traditional and pays homage to the history and heritage of their affiliated school; or develop a performance that incorporates the disciplines of a Drum Major and a creatively themed story."  -World Drum Major Association


If you are committing to join the team, please confirm your participation (Field Conducting and/or “L” Pattern) by Wednesday, December 5th or you will not be registered to compete.

If you have any questions regarding equipment, scheduling, or practices, please feel free to contact the instructor staff.

Jackie Wren

Drum Major Instructor

(707) 673-3558

Adam Engle-Sorrell

“L” Pattern Instructor

(707) 631-4277

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