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Let's Look to the Future!

The end of this academic year left us hanging with very little closure but rest assured that a new RHSEU Music Booster Board has been elected for the coming 2020-2021 school year and there are lots of high hopes for moving forward. We may not know what exactly the Fall Season holds for us but for now there are still brainstorming sessions for upcoming fundraisers and events. Some are familiar favorites and others are will be exciting new ventures. More now than ever will parent involvement be a key factor in bringing success to the REU: staying up to date with your fair share payments, working Bingo shifts, volunteering any time you can at any events, donations of snacks and water, loading and unloading trailers, and any other creative ways you can think of helping out when the need arises. Perhaps these mundane activities we took for granted before will need to be updated with new guidelines and protocols which means we’ll need more help. Don't be shy to get involved! We thank you for your involvement over the years and hope that you will be there to support the students on their continuing musical journey. Please join us in congratulating the new 2020-2021 REU Music Booster Board Members. The official turn over was on July 1. We hope to see you at the next open booster meeting.

Meeting information is posted on our Facebook page and sent out via Remind.

Your 2020-2021 Board and Support Staff Members:

Bill Imboden - President

Pamela Miller - Vice President/Spirit Wear

Christina Lavaysse - Secretary

Corrie Filstrup - Treasurer/Bingo Coordinator

Sandra Dailey - Financial/Accounts Manager

Kim Liu - Volunteer Coordinator

Kim Imboden - Fundraiser

Janice Jones - Uniform Coordinator/Spirit Wear/Bingo Co-Coordinator

Laurie Laxa - Communications

Travis Jones - Webmaster

Rosie Hernandez - Transportation Director

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