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Neck to neck: The Competition is Fierce!

As we continue to progress in the season and refine our Parade and Field Shows, other schools are working hard just the same. We can’t take for granted when we are ahead. Del Oro is the arena where we meet stiff competition that helps to push us to be better.

The 40th Annual Del Oro High School Marching Band Spectacular was the second competition attended by the REU this 2018 season. Located in Loomis, CA, Del Oro High School hosted 30 high schools this year.

The Division 5A schools attending with us were Inderkum High School from Sacramento, Franklin High School and Elk Grove High School from Elk Grove, Granite Bay High School from Granite Bay, and Fairfield High’s Scarlet Brigade and Armijo Super Band from Fairfield, CA . We were judged against Inderkum, Franklin, Scarlet Brigade and Armijo during the day for parade. For the field show we had only one remaining competitor, Granite Bay. If you are unfamiliar with Granite Bay you will come to know them as the thorn in our side, our arch nemesis, our Joker to our Batman. They are truly a top notch marching band in musicality and showmanship.

The bands competing for Grand Sweepstakes – the total combined score of Parade and Field - were a total of three: us, Elk Grove High School, and Oak Ridge High School from El Dorado Hills. Grand Sweepstakes is judged overall not by Division which is why Oak Ridge (in a Division one step below us) was included in the judging.

The competition was fierce, Leda Brockman did a grand showing of mace handling during Parade bringing home 2nd place in Drum Major Mace Overall while the band marched away with 4th place in Division 5A. For Field Show REU Drum majors earned 3rd place for Field Conducting Overall and band received 2nd place in Division 5A. Granite Bay always hits it out of the park but we give them a good run for their money. This week our Brass score at 92 was only one point behind theirs! The REU also came away with Grand Sweepstakes again for top marks in combined scores of Parade and Field. Elk Grove High School is always on our tail for Grand Sweepstakes year after year. They came close with their parade score a mere 0.3 points above ours. Talk about neck to neck!

Considering the tough competition there that day we did well. We shall remain steadfast in our determination to always do our best! Amid the heat of competitive musical battle there’s always something to be learned and more to reach for.

Next comp, the 44th Annual Foothill High School Band Review in Pleasanton. Details about schedules, parking, and more can be found at

Thank you, Jackie Wren, for your contributions to this article. Jackie provided some insight and scoring information that helped to spice it up.

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