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The Running of the Stands

Did you ever play at running a grocery store when you were young? You had your little plastic fruits and veggies, cardboard milk cartons, fake carton of eggs, rubber canned foods, little grocery basket, cart, or even just a bag. Maybe you and your friends stocked little shelves and used stuffed animals or dolls as customers. You practiced customer service by helping that one armed action figure reach the jam jar on the top shelf or tried your skill at appeasing the frazzle-haired fashion doll that the bananas were sold out. And the pièce de résistance would be the “working” toy cash register with all the play money – either taken from your Monopoly game (which upset your parents or older siblings) or if you were lucky enough you had a “realistic” set bought from the local thrift store. You were blissfully clueless that all that change making was real world math. Little did you know, that was your pre-training to running a concession stand! Oh yes, life’s ultimate volunteer status. Concession Stand Connoisseur!

There are so many aspects to running a successful concession stand. Stocking your stand so that everything is conveniently placed, easy to reach by your runners and cashiers. Greeting your customers politely and offering items and deals they themselves may not have even been aware that they needed. "Wanna make that a meal for another dollar? How about 2 cotton candies for $5 instead?" Finding the perfect balance between tortilla chips and cheese. "Do you want jalapeños with that? How about some chili?" Keeping things tidy and organized… ok well this one might fall to the way side a bit when things get busy. It’s the thought that counts. In short, it takes a lot of team work and effort to run successful concession stands.

Our volunteers have always shown that grit to go the extra mile, they always smile when things get crazy, and they do all this with minimum complaint. The atmosphere at an RHSEU concession stand is always upbeat and fun! At the end of the day everyone is exhausted but it is hoped they have a feeling of gratification that their hard work and enthusiasm not only supported a great program, but showed the community what it looks like when a determined team “gets it done”. A big thanks to everyone who was involved in any way shape or form with this year’s concession efforts. If you missed out on volunteering concessions be sure to keep it in mind for next year! You won’t be disappointed with the experience.

Bonus Insight from RHSEU Visitor’s Concession Stand! The visitor side noted very few children patronizing the stand, but many football booster parents. They were hungry for links, hotdogs, and burgers. As the night chill set in and the winds picked up, customers were zealous for hot chocolate and coffee. An order was frequently followed by, “Is it always this windy and cold in Cordelia?” The visitor fans also showed great support for the RHSEU. They were so excited to watch the performance that concessions had a chance to enjoy a nice little break until after the show.

Thanks to all the volunteers of the Visitor’s Snack Shack Team! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Note: The Elusive RHSEU Volunteer is some time difficult to photograph in their natural habitat. Not all volunteers from this event were documented photographically.

--Article Contributor - RHSEU Volunteer--

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