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Another New Season Begins

Here we are on the brink of a new Fall Season! Are ya’ll ready? Band Camp began Monday, August 5th, welcoming in freshman and new REU students. The REU Student Leadership took the newbies under their wings that day, bringing them up to speed on the ins and outs of being part of an award winning marching band. They learned how to work as a team and the basics of marching and being in sync. Tuesday welcomed back the rest of the REU students and they wasted no time getting down to the nitty gritty of physical conditioning. Playing an instrument during a field show is no joke! It’s time to build up the students’ endurance and strength.

Also during Week 1 were uniform fittings. We are still waiting to receive our snazzy new uniform jackets but in the mean time we fitted all the students into their bibbers (pants), shakos (hats), and shoes as needed. The Uniform Fitting Parent Volunteer group did a wonderfully efficient job of finding the best fit for everyone. And… on point was our Lunch Parent Volunteer group. They prepped, served, and cleaned up lunch every day of band camp. AND… there were many parents/guardians who couldn’t be at band camp for various reasons and many of them came through with donations of snack items and water bottles....essentials for band camp success! A HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers, helping in any way you can!

Band Camp Week 2 is known as Spirit Week; a different theme every day. This year Monday was Hawaiian Day, Tuesday was Twin Day, Wednesday was Disney Day, Thursday was Section Day, and Friday was Super Hero Day. The themed days are just a fun way for the students to bond on another level and to help bring some levity to a grueling second week. Week 2 comprised of ten hour days and the weather was unbearably hot. In response to the soaring temperature, the students were directed to practice indoors where they could, spreading out to classrooms in sections throughout the school.

Thursday it was time to show off at the REU Parent Night. It was an evening to socialize, watch a raw performance for this season’s show and parade, and get a lot of information out to parents/guardians about the upcoming season. It was wonderful to see the sea of new and familiar faces there to support the Unit! There was BINGO to talk about and competition schedules, fundraising and special events. Marching season takes a lot of dedication from all levels of the group. A successful season is dependent on the band’s performance but the band’s success is dependent on its support; at home, at school, and at competitions. Thank you to all those who came and have already begun to sign up for Bingo and volunteering. Don’t forget there are many other ways to support the REU other than your physical presence. Contact any Rodriguez Music Booster Board Member with questions. You can find all our contact info on the website under the Information tab.

We hope you’re ready to join us on this season’s journey. There will be tears, laughter, frustration, and proud moments. You won’t want to miss any of it. So stay tuned.

If you enjoy reading the REU blogs and Daily Republic submissions and think to yourself, “Hey, I can do that!” And/or if you love social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. And/or if you’re a whiz at getting out crucial information in less than 140 characters (via Remind). We’d love to hear from you. Our Communications Officer is on her way out this year and we will need a volunteer (or two, or three!) to step in: whenever you’re ready or by next Summer 2020 at the latest. Please contact Jo at if you’re interested in any or all of the afore-mentioned duties.

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